— a traditional danish bakery in the center of Aarhus. A feast for the senses, with a menu changing according to the season.

Visit our shop in the middle of Aarhus
Frederiks Allé 102

About Småkagehuset

Småkagehuset, meaning cookie house in Danish.

The unique flavors and textures of food comes from the use of good quality raw materials and the bakers more than 20 years of baking experience. Take a bite of anything, and you'll see why people make special trips to Småkagehuset.

We look forward to making your special visit in Aarhus as memorable as it can be.

Visit us in the morning. The aroma of fresh baked cakes and bread tantalize the nose, let's start a day with transitional danish breakfast of various rundstykker and wienerbrød (danish pastries).

Visit us for a coffee break. Be it rainy or sunny, treat yourself or your friends from a collection of over 30 cakes – chocolate cinnamon rolls, carrot cakes, strawberry cheesecakes, pistachio chocolate squares, fruit muffins and many more.

Visit us on your way home. Bring home some healthy and fresh bread for the dinner, some cookies for the kids if they have performed well, or some treats for the movie or handball match in the evening

Visit us for special food. Get some customized food such as sugar-free cakes.

Visit us before the holiday. Enjoy the danish taste of holidays before they are sold out! Fastelavnsboller with creme, varme hveder, Christmas cookies, omomom.

Visit us for the special day. We make wedding cakes and birthday cakes as well! (Occasionally, we also make cupcakes for receptions)


Småkagehuset is owned by us, Hanne and Steen Jensen. We met each other while we were both apprentice at Othello bakery, after that, we started our own bakery (Corner bakery) in Aarhus. We ran it for 13 years before we sold it due to high workload.

A few years after that, we began to miss our own bakery and old customers, so we started Småkagehuset in 2003. Småkagehuset is small and cozy, and we have the city's best customers.

We haven't regretted our decision ever since.

More Info

  • Facebook: We don't have a facebook account, but we have a facebook fan group ^_^.
  • Language: As more and more foreigners visit us, we are more used to speak English now.
  • Blogs: Sometimes tourists write blog posts about us, we will share it with you if we are notified.

Contact Information

Opening Hours

Monday closed
Tuesday – Friday 7.30 – 17.30
Saturday 7.30 – 14.00
Sunday closed

Notice, we are closed on the following days. All dates are inclusive.

  • Påske April 13th – 17th
  • Store bededag May 12th
  • Kristig himmelfartsdag May 25th
  • Sommerferie July 9th – August 7th (week 28-29-30-31)
  • Efterårsferie October 8th – October 23th (week 41-42)